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Dalam Equipment two, Luffy memompa lebih banyak darah ke seluruh tubuhnya, menyebabkan keringatnya menguap dengan cepat dan membuatnya tampak mengeluarkan uap. Di anime, seluruh kulitnya menjadi sedikit merah muda dan berkilau karena peningkatan aliran darah.

Nevertheless, as mentioned through the Sunlight Pirates, those steps were being primarily for the advantage of Many others, since they inspired him to abide by his new need to assistance Luffy come to be another Pirate King.

Voice of All Items: An exceptionally unusual ability which allows individuals to listen to messages conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that don't speak the human language.

なおルフィ自身は、仲間や親しい人物からは名前で、他の海賊や海軍等からは異名である「麦わら」と呼ばれることが多い。 その他




With Gum Gum King Kong Gun, can deliver a man flying While using the drive to level a town, crack it in 50 %, and mail both equally halves in the air. 


On obtaining his concept to attend two decades, all get more info of them reminisced on how Luffy adjusted their life for the higher and settled to implement that time to hone their skills so as to be far more handy to him and safeguard one another greater from any Threat.


[102][103] The Straw Hats' worst defeat came within the Sabaody Archipelago, the place they had been still left Virtually completely expended immediately after defeating only one Pacifista, only to become confronted by a lot more Pacifistas, Sentomaru, and Maritime Admiral Kizaru.[104] It absolutely was this overall defeat that ultimately led them commit to practice for 2 a long time to be much better, and they have got frequently carried out very well at recognizing the necessity to progress their capabilities for coming conflicts which has permitted them to stay Lively and expand in electric power Regardless of the very unsafe scenarios they enter into.


Setelah dua tahun itu, beberapa hal telah berubah. Dia telah tumbuh sedikit lebih tinggi dan terlihat lebih berotot karena latihannya. Hal ini dapat dilihat pada lehernya yang sedikit lebih tebal, deltoid yang lebih menonjol, dan dada yang lebih tegas, yang menunjukkan bekas luka berbentuk X yang dia terima saat itu Laksamana Akainu mencakup sebagian besar.

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